Seven Sows Bourbon & Larder

77 Biltmore Avenue Asheville, NC 28801 USA

Lunch: M-F 11:00-2:00pm Dinner: Sun-Wed 5-9pm, Thur-Sat 5-10pm. Brunch Sat, Sun 10:30-2:30 #828.255.2592

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Morrell with Grae Skye Studios Asheville, NC



*Ask your server for our daily lunch specials in addition to this menu.


Hot Fried Peanuts 3.

House Chips with Buncombe County Ranch 4.

Smoked & Grilled Mustard BBQ Wings 5.

Small Plates

Fresh Oysters (Selections change daily) 3. per.

Buttermilk Hushpuppies with Pimento Cheese Fondue 5.

Todays Soup & Garden Salad: Sweet Potato & Peanut, Warm Bread, Local Greens & Pea Shoot Vinaigrette 7.

Charcuterie: Chicken Liver Pate, Crispy Terrine, Country Ham, House Pickles, Aioli, Crostini, Cheese 9.

Charred Romaine- Farmers Cheese, Boiled Egg, Pickled Onion, Bacon, Buncombe County Ranch 7.

add grilled chicken or cured trout 4.


Frites 3.

Hot Potato Salad 3.

Mac N Cheese 4.

Celery & Black Eye Pea Salad 4.

Garden Slaw 3.

Side Salad 3.

Large Plates

Fried Chicken & Honey- Butterbean Honey, Mac n Cheese, Arugula Salad 14.

Vegetable Lunch Plate- Seasonal & Garden Fresh Vegetables and Heirloom Grains 9.

Shortrib Burger- House Ground Shortrib & Brisket, Pickles, Chili, Onion & Mustard- choice of one side 11.

Pulled Shoulder- Mustard BBQ, Slaw, Pickles with choice of one side  9.

BLT- Avocado, Benton's Bacon, Fried Green Tomato, Duke's Mayo with choice of one side 8.

Kentucky Hot Brown- Turkey, Country Ham, Mornay, Green Tomato Relish 9.

'New' Bay Crawfish or Shrimp Boil- House Andouille, Brussels, Corn, Potato, Pineapple 15.

  Dinner Menu

M-W 5-9:00pm Th-Sun 5-10:00pm

Our menu integrates fresh ingredients.

Selections are subject to change due to season and availability and quantities may be limited.


Photos Courtesy of Cindy Kunst with Asheville Clicks Photography

Photos Courtesy of Cindy Kunst with Asheville Clicks Photography


check our chalkboard for our featured oyster selections of the day.

served with lemon wedge and mignonette.    

3. per

buttermilk hushpuppies

pimento cheese fondue 


devilled eggs

country ham chips, ramp pickles, mustard & brown sugar sauce


shrimp & fennel salad

house saltines, spring lettuces,

dill remoulade



Small Plates 

Colonel Bill Newsom's Aged Country Ham from Princeton, KY

Colonel Bill Newsom's Aged Country Ham from Princeton, KY


soft egg, farmers cheese, pickled onion, castelvetrano olives, bentons bacon, butter croutons, buttermilk ranch




local petite lettuce, strawberries. beet juice vinaigrette, farmers cheese, walnut crumbs, pickled quail egg, butter bean honey



*brussels sprouts

rainbow carrots, ramps, rutabaga, jalapeno, pecorino, soft egg, bacon



*scallop crudo

asparagus jus, scalloped potato, tobiko, puff wild rice, georgia olive oil, spring flowers




Winter Radishes- New River Organics

Winter Radishes- New River Organics


pork & rabbit terrine, crispy chicken liver pate, summer sausage, h. ave spiced lombardo, pork trotter terrine, mustard aioli, crostini, soda bread, mustard aioli, cherry mostarda, cumberland cheese, pickled vegetables



pork belly

red flannel hash, savoy, fried quail egg, caraway stout, dill crema



goat ragout

saffron, cinnamon, preserved lemon, olives, date, apricot, cauliflower tabouleh, gallberry honey



*flat iron

potato & ramp puree, charred cauliflower, radish, smoked vidalia onion vinaigrette 



chicken livers

sweet potato bread pudding, Vidalia mousse, smoked peanut powder, preserved lemon, sage gastrique



 HNG Short Rib, Wheat Berry, Mushroom, Pecan, Cauliflower, Baby Collards

 HNG Short Rib, Wheat Berry, Mushroom, Pecan, Cauliflower, Baby Collards

Large Plates


fried chicken

tasso ham mac & cheese, giblet gravy, egg, pimento, arugula




asparagus risotto, hazelnut, brown butter, blood orange & vanilla citronette, pea tendrils, fingerling chips




fava pistou, piquillo coulis, preserved lemon vinaigrette, charleston gold rice grits, pea shoot, spring radish


Bone in butcher's cut ribeye

Bone in butcher's cut ribeye



*pork chop

hominy grits, mustard pork hash, smoked carrot butter, brussel leaves & pear




crispy confit, seared loin, sorghum gastrique, gnocchi, fava, fennel, carrot, smoked rutabaga puree, creasy greens, spring flowers



* ribeye

14 oz. butchers cut, garlic frites, crispy chèvre croquette, grilled asparagus, mushroom & fennel steak sauce



Buttermilk Fed Berkshire Pork from Cruze Dairy Farms

Buttermilk Fed Berkshire Pork from Cruze Dairy Farms


Enjoy an item from our menu? Shop at our larder as we offer many of these regional specialties for sale. Ask your server for details.

We respectfully request no menu substitutions except in cases of dietary/allergy restrictions. 

The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs, meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of a food-borne illness. 




Photography by Cindy Kunst of Asheville Clicks

creme brûlée 

bojangles sweet tea, candied lemon, mint


pate a choux

nutella pastry cream, kentucky bourbon balls, graham crumble


chocolate duke's mayonnaise cake

sorghum marshmallow, brown butter icing, peanut butter ganache, caramel tuile


lily duke's butterscotch

grandma lily duke's butterscotch pudding, blackstrap molasses, whipped cream, 
shortbread cookie, peanut butter fudge


fresh grind brown bean coffee

family owned, brevard local, french press




Brunch Menu Sat & Sun 10:00-2:30pm

*Ask your server for daily brunch specials in addition to this menu.


Bites to Begin

Basket of Catheads with Seasonal Jam 5.

Oysters on the half shell 2 per.

Donut Holes, Cinnamon Glaze, Crushed Peanuts 4.

Country Ham wrapped Medjool Dates, Buttermilk Yogurt, Pecan, Honey 5.

Fresh Cinnamon Roll, Smoked Mascarpone, Pecan Caramel 4.

Granola, Sarsaparilla, Fresh Melon, Sorghum 5.


Plates, Sandwiches & Salads

Biscuits & Gravy, Neese's Red Eye Sausage Gravy, Fried Egg, Scallion 9.

add fried chicken for 4.

'Slim Jim' Scramble, Spinach, Hoop Cheese, Choice of Side 8.

Ramp & Goat Cheese Omelet, Mushroom Gravy 7.

Junior Kimbrough Omelet, Fried Chicken, Pimento Cheese, Scallion, Giblet Gravy 8.

Fresh Cruze Buttermilk Pancakes; toppings fresh blueberries, fresh strawberries, chocolate chips, or bacon  Half Stack 6. Full Stack 8.

Seared Ribeye & Eggs, 2 eggs your way, 6.5 oz Ribeye, Texas Pete Demi, Scallion 16.

Caesar Salad, Biscuit Croutons, Bentons Bacon, Olive, Pecorino, Ramp Caesar 7.

Carolina Burger, Chili, Pickles, Onion, Mustard and side of Fries 11.

Kentucky Hot Brown, Turkey, Country Ham, Mornay, Green Tomato Relish 9.

'New' Bay Crawfish or Shrimp Boil- House Andouille, Brussels, Corn, Potato, Pineapple 15.

BLT with Fried Egg and side of Fries 9.

Hash Bowl, Whey Fermented Heirloom Farro, Potato & Root Vegetable Hash, Dandelion Aioli, 2 Eggs your way, Valentina Sauce 13.


Country style Grits 3. 

Applewood Bacon 3.

Eggs 2.

Sausage 2.

Hash Browns 4.

Side Salad 3.


Juice- Orange, Apple, Cranberry or Tomato 2.

Milk 2.

Fresh Cruze Buttermilk 4.

Carolina Sweet Tea 1.5.

Brown Bean Coffee 2.

Mexi Coke 3.

Assorted Soft Drinks 2.



Cocktails, Libations & Cheer


Specialty Bourbon Cocktails

Full & Complex

lotus blues / old forester 4 yr bourbon, cynar, peychaud's bitters / inspired by the classic manhatten, this creation is its dark, bastard stepchild. 11.

biltmore boulevard / house bourbon, gin, campari, fernet branca, absinthe / if a negroni and a boulevardier made love under the north carolina stars, this is what they'd end up with. 11.

Light & Refreshing

gallberry smash / bourbon, gin, campari, fernet branca, absinthe /  the gallberry grows only in the southern united states, you used to think they were blueberries as a kid. this fruit forward concotion, a version of the whisky smash, serves up plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as booze. 12.

ramos ginger fizz / ridgemont reserve 1792 bourbon, fresh ginger, lemon, lime, cream, egg white, angostura bitters / a bourbon and ginger take on the classic new orleans drink, the ramos ginn fizz, originally created at the imperial cabinet saloon in 1888. 12.

the arsonist / larceny small batch bourbon, fresh grapefruit, vanilla sugar, scrappy's cardamom bitters / it's crisp and boozy, but light enough for a summer day. this bad boy will light you up! 10.

jam session / southern comfort, apricot jam, lemon, mint / so refreshing! the apricot and mint pair perfectly with the classic southern liquer to create a harmonious and uniquely delicious flavor. 10.

Springtime Classic Cocktails 9.

mint julep / old forester 4 yr bourbon, mint

scoff law / george dickel, dolin dry vermouth, lemon, grenadine, angostura bitters, orange bitters

frisco / george dickel rye, benedictine, lemon

penicillin / famous grouse scotch, dolin sweet vermouth, angostura bitters

rob roy / famous grouse scotch, dolin sweet vermouth

southside / beefeater gin, lemon, mint

bramble / beefeater gin, lemon, creme de mure

last word / broker's gin, lime luxardo maraschino, green chartreuse

queen's park swizzle / gosling's black seal rum, lime, mint, angostura bitters

papa doble (hemingway) / bacardi superior, grapefruit, lime, luxardo maraschino,

paloma /  sauza silver tequila, fresh grapefruit, lime, sea salt

el diablo / sauza silver tequila, fresh ginger, lime, creme de cassis

metropolitan / tito's handmade vodka, cointreau, lime, creme de cassis

moscow mule / tito's handmade vodka, housemade ginger beer, lime

pisco sour / el gran sierpe pisco, lemon, angostura bitters




Tobacco Road

Old Forester Bourbon, George Dickel Rye, Don’s Mix, Lemon Juice, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Ginger Syrup, Angostura and Peychaud's Bitters    13



Bourbon & Rye

                                                                                                                                           Proof        2oz

Asheville Distilling Blonde Whiskey (NC)                                                                                        80          13

Baker’s 7 Yr                                                                                                                                  107           11

Basil Hayden’s                                                                                                                               80           11


Black Maple Hill                                                                                                                              95          16

Booker’s 7 Yr                                                                                                                             126.3          14

Breckenridge                                                                                                                                 86          14

Buffalo Trace                                                                                                                                 90            7

Buffalo Trace Experimental                                                                                                           125         30

Buffalo Trace Single Oak                                                                                                               90          26

Bulleit                                                                                                                                            90           8

Bulleit 10 Yr                                                                                                                                 91.2          12

Bulleit Rye                                                                                                                                     90           8

Colonel E.H. Taylor                                                                                                                        100          11

Eagle Rare Single Barrel 10 Yr                                                                                                       90           9

Elijah Craig 12 Yr                                                                                                                            94           8

Evan Williams Single Barrel 7 Yr                                                                                                  86.6            9

Four Roses Single Barrel                                                                                                            100           11

Four Roses Small Batch                                                                                                                90            8

High West Campfire                                                                                                                      92           17

High West Rendezvous Rye                                                                                                         92           16

Hudson Single Malt                                                                                                                      92           23

Jefferson’s Small Batch                                                                                                              82.3            8

Jefferson’s Rye 10 Yr                                                                                                                   94            11

Jefferson's Presidential Select 21 Yr                                                                                             94           36

Jim Beam Black 8 Yr                                                                                                                     86             7

John B. Stetson                                                                                                                            84             8

Knob Creek Rye                                                                                                                          100            11

Knob Creek Single Barrel                                                                                                              120         12  

Larceny                                                                                                                                          92           8

Maker’s 46                                                                                                                                     94          10

Maker’s Mark                                                                                                                                 90           8

Noah’s Mill Small Batch                                                                                                                  114          14

Old Grand-Dad                                                                                                                                86           5

Weller 107 Antique 7 Yr                                                                                                                 107           7

Prichard’s Double Barrel 9 Yr                                                                                                         90         16

Redemption Rye                                                                                                                             92           7

Ridgemont Reserve 1792                                                                                                              93.7          8

Russell’s Reserve 10 Yr                                                                                                                  90          9

Russell’s Reserve Rye 6 Yr                                                                                                            90           9

Templeton Rye 7 Yr                                                                                                                        80        11  

Whippersnapper                                                                                                                             84         8 


Wild Turkey Rare Breed                                                                                                              108.2        10

Willett Family Estate Rye                                                                                                                110          18

Willet Pot Still Reserve                                                                                                                     94        18

Woodford Reserve                                                                                                                      90.4          13

Woodford Double Oak                                                                                                                90.4          13